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So about me...

My journey with Holistic Studies started 31 years ago with an interesting death experience which occurred following the birth of my daughter. It was then that I discovered a whole "new world" that consisted of Energy and how we could, as humans, use this energy to change and expand our experiences in life at a quantum level , as well as learn how to communicate Telepathically with all living things through "The Clair Senses "; Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance and Clairsentience.

I started the study of Reiki first, in the Usui Tradition, becoming a Master-Teacher. Earth Energy Healing came next followed by Quantum Healing. This is mostly what I teach now as it is so incredibly easy and quick to learn. I even teach this method to children as young as 8. Training is super easy and literally anyone with the desire can learn.

In the mid 90's I became a NY State Licensed Medical Massage Therapist, graduating from The New Center for Wholistic Health Education and Research (now NY College for Health Professions) and completed a private study with Michelle Buntz in Equine & Canine Massage Therapy. This combines Equissage Training with Amma Therapy, a form of Chinese Medical Massage for people and animals. I offer these services as trainings only for Animal owners. I continued my training, started at school, as a Yang Style short form Tai Chi Instructor.

 I completed a year long intensive with Tori Quisling of The NY Center for Clairvoyant Development where I completed an Advanced Psychic Reader program Tori developed for me so I could focus on communicating telepathically with animals. This means I am both an Inter Species Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium reader for people with or without living pets. This training allows me to act as a translator of language and feeling between pets and their people for problem solving, training, health & medical concerns, end of life conversations or just fun discussions about life sessions. I HIGHLY recommend Tori's program!

As an Intuitive Medium I read the Energy Field on 4 levels. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. For example; if your problem is one of "your head says one thing and the heart another" I can help you see how following one vs the other will play out for you on each level. I can help with personal relationship and profession questions, understanding and releasing grief and connecting with loved ones whom have passed on to better understand the what's & why's of your relationship.

This field is my passion and as I see the world evolve into one in which our consciousness is starting to be acknowledged as something we can work WITH and expand our perception of, developing our natural telepathic skills, well it's a pretty exciting time. This is why I am focusing now on more educational speaking engagements on Developing Telepathic Animal Communication and Energy Medicine for Health as well as designing Holistic Retreats for groups who want to combine Holistic Services (Massage/Energy Healing/Sound Bowls) with Educational Training (Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Self Massage for Health, Energy Healing Basics, Developing Telepathy and more).

Next I trained with Elaine Mackle in Tibetan Tones™Sound Therapies and offer Sonic Wellness™ sessions privately and at Eastern Sun Holistic Health in Southold.

My latest adventure, as I contemplate transitioning into my "retirement years"  is completing Internationally recognized Certifications. I have completed the IIQTC Awakening the Healer Within: Medical QiGong Practice Leader program, Certification in QiGong Infused Yoga™ & Tai Chi Easy™