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Sometimes our journeys differ....

Posted on January 28, 2018 at 10:50 AM

So January's theme seems to be on the topic of not confusing your journey with (yours or any) animals journey.

People in the rescue world often mistake a "missing animal" for a "lost animal" and this does neither a service. Based upon what I see and hear about a clear 50% of those animals considered lost are not. They have left the situation a person has placed them in because the place they have been placed is NOT where THEY feel they are suppose to be. Often I am hearing of people who trap cats and then do not understand why said cat has so much difficulty adapting to being indoors? It rarely occurs to the person that said cat may have their own life journey that does not involve being someones pet or an indoor cat interrupted by being trapped and caught by a "well meaning but short sighted" person who cannot imagine that an animal would not welcome all their efforts.

Cats, unlike dogs, tend to rant on and on (to communicators) about situations they find themselves in which are not part of their plan. An educated cat owner can tell in a second when their cat is annoyed with them, generally with a dose of humor!

Case in point: A rescuer contacted me this week about a semi-feral cat she had "rescued" and then shipped far away to a different area for socializing. The cat disappeared as soon as it possibly could and this woman was spending time and effort that was costing her emotionally and monetarily to travel to the state and search for the cat to trap it again.

At first the cat did not want to communicate with me at all because she felt this woman had caused so much disruption in her life that she did not want to communicate anything to me that might be helpful. AND she had a pissy attitude!

I explained what I felt was going on with this rescurer mentally & emotionally and how I felt it would be helpful to her and others in the field if she could just speak with me for 5 minutes so I could blog about it. 

The Cats Perspective: It is not my journey to live in a home with a human. This woman took me away from my home enviroment and refused to even consider my opinion in the matter. Her story in her head was that I was a "poor sad kitty with no home" and she became convinced that SHE would change that. (To me) Do you see how insulting that is to me? Then I am taken very far away so nothing at all in familiar in sight, sounds or smells and I am expected to just "settle in with time" and want to be there? Again, insulting. I finally escaped and people may see me but I will never be caught again. The food in the cage gig is up. (had to laugh here at the visual I was getting) I am far away from where I escaped from so you can convey that to this woman that her "story" with me is over and perhaps her time would be better spent paying attention to her own house and occupants.

Sound Harsh? Animals can be SO direct that it often comes across to people like they are being scolded. There is a difference between being scolded and getting a good talking too :)

The other note is sometimes people who are "big hearted" will stay too long in work or care situations because they "love the animals so much" that they will allow themselves to be disturbed emotionally by the idea of leaving such an enviroment. THIS is how  people confuse their own souls journey with that of the animal.

An animal who has the means to leave but chooses to stay in a situation that may seem not good, by people standards, usually has a pretty good reason for staying and it usually has something to do with putting up with what we would call suffering for the greater good of being an educational example. Good or Bad! 

Examples: Is an animal better off living with an animal hoarder than in a shelter? If a rescuer cannot really care for themselves because all they earn goes to the care of their animals, is that actually a stable environment? If you ignore your own pets & family because you have to be "out there to help animals" is that loving or just narcissistic? 

Like I said, animals can be very direct.

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