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Stop telling sad pet stories

Posted on February 28, 2021 at 12:10 AM

If you own an animal, who has a past that is less than desirable, stop telling everyone who meets them about it.

From an Animals perspective it is manipulative and a mean thing to do and pointing out prior poor treatment so you can add on the "with ME there will never be any more worries" is low behavior.

Would you like to be introduced to all new people with a story like this: This is my new gal, she used to live with a person who beat her everyday but now that shes with me she doesn't have to think about that EVER AGAIN.

Until you introduce her to the next new person...

More often now in Animal Communication sessions, when asked by a new owner about past abuse, an animal will say, that is part of another time in my life and I am not interested in sharing the details unless I have a behavior you do not understand and then you may ask; can you explain to me why you behave in that way.

In that regard you will get an overview of a past circumstance that created the behavior but specifics of horror experiences mostly aren't shared with a new owner because it will change how you few your pet energetically.


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