It's OK to admit you already communicate Telepathically.

Posted on September 17, 2018 at 7:55 AM

It is my experience that there are two reasons people do not admit that they communicate Telepathically.

First; single people have a reluctance to admit they have an ability that may set them apart from others around them. People like to fit in and not "seem weird". Couples like to keep their non verbal communication skills private so they can use them freely in public.

Second; People do not understand that they ARE communicating with their Animals or Friends.

When I speak publicly about Animal Communication now, I add in examples of how Humans regularly communicate with each other Telepathically. Couples and close friends readily admit, and sometimes brag about, their secret, non verbal communication between them. It quantifies how close or in-sync they are. Yet the concept that this applies to interspecies relationships as well is met with blank stares. Wait, ADMIT I understand what my dog is saying?

What will that mean for me after I do that? The answer is Everything! The answer is NOTHING!! 

Wait, what?

It may mean everything because when you acknowledge that you have a skill developed to the point that it CAN BE acknowledged as a skill then you have owned it.

It can also mean nothing because the more we use skills inherent to us, the less "special" they become. They loose that shiney new aspect and just become a part of who we are everyday.

So admit it and get on with life.

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