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Kristen & Bo go to a show

Posted on August 5, 2018 at 8:40 AM

This is such a fun example of how a simple conversation can help define an experience.

Kristen is taking Bo (very young horse) to a horse show and Bo had questions that I thought were worth sharing in a blog because they struck me as concerns that would be universal in nature, that any young horse might have prior to an event.

His questions: Would be coming back to his own bed tonight, would there be anything in/around the ring that will be scary, will there be any horses just running around free that may try to come after him, will it be fun?

When I asked Kristen if these questions made sense to her, she answered yes and explained.

Question 1: He is asking this because the last time I took him away to an event we ended up not coming home that night.

Question 2: He is looking for possibilities here. Like in his own sand ring at home, there is a corner where birds can fly out from shrubbery. I had gone online and looked at photos of the ring and Kristen knew what it looked like so we were able to picture in our minds what the place looked like and "take" him there visually so he could also see the layout.

Question 3: We witnessed a horse previously that was being warm up lunged, get away from it's handler and start running all over. Bo is wondering if that will be happening again and should there be concern.

Question 4: This was interesting to me because what he was actually asking was; Is this very serious and are we going to get in trouble if I do something wrong? Kristen explained that while this is a competition, it is also mostly a fun learning experience for both of them because they both have tools of communication now, between them, that allow them both to understand that there can be seriousness and focus in effort, while maintaining fun as an overall experience. As Bo likes to say about Dressage "Lets dance mom" :)

End of story: Bo returned to his own bed that night, they had a blast and were great dance partners and there are 3 new ribbons (2 blues & an overall) for somebodys stall!

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