Why do people do that?

Posted on April 6, 2018 at 8:30 AM

Animals do not find it interesting that people project "danger/fear" energy on to them. Example: Cat is walking down the street and person sees it. Person decides cat is lost, therefore in danger and must be rescued. Animals ask: Why do people think like that? Why am I not just out for a walk on a beautiful day? Why am I lost and why does that equal danger?

I just communicate to animals that this really has nothing to do with the animal but is about the human fundamentally not feeling that their world is a safe place and project that on to everything they see.

People who think like this see "potential danger" everywhere. The other day a cat dicussing this with me showed me the whole scenerio switched around as this...

Cat sitting on front porch sees a person jog by and decides the person is "running away from danger and must be saved". The cat then showed me running out and grabbing the person and dragging them back to the house and putting them in a cage. What is the person in the cage suppose to feel? Confused? OMG they were just out for a jog and now they are in a strange place in a cage!

The visual turned around is hilarius and I think quite eye opening on what skewed thinking energy can feel like to the recipient.

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