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Just a note...

Posted on June 21, 2019 at 10:50 AM

Often when I tell people I am a Clairvoyant Medium and Animal Communicator I get the "ooooh you can talk to dead people, whose around me" line. It's a sarcastic thing to say and does identify you as someone who is afraid I will read your mind and judge you harshly.

I know mediums who focus primarily on helping you receive messages from departed loved ones but that is just a small part of my focus professionally (unless we are doing animal communication)

My medium work focuses more on helping you identify where and how your actions are supported energetically and where they are not. This helps you not spend your time and energy on things that will not bear the results you would like to experience and direct your efforts toward what you would like to experience more of.

Times are changing so fast now I'd rather TEACH YOU how to experience your departed loved ones than just tell you what they say and to teach you about your Energy Field. How to use it to improve your life experience.

Example: You studied and studied The Secret and while you were able to manifest some things you also manifested the opposite of what you were working tword. Know why? Because you were using your brain to visualize, which is polarized, so you got to experience both the thing AND the absence of the thing you were working toward creating.

I teach how to manifest and heal from the heart which is not polarized.;)

Classes in Intuitive & Spiritual Development expand

Posted on May 12, 2019 at 10:45 AM

I am pleased to announce that I am expanding my teachings. I realize with time and travel constraints that Skype Classes are needed now more than ever. Yes, I still see clients in person as I always have but now I am going to be able to offer so much more to a society that seems to be waking up more and more to the concept that change IS possible and it may not be as hard and scarey as one is led to believe.

Yes, we are led to believe through much of the media we see on a daily basis and even people we come into direct contact with, that this fear based thinking is the new way we have to live and navigate through and we are powerless to really change. I hear way too often, I want to change and I know I need to change but I have no idea where to start this change!

A wonderful way to start is to learn about your personal Energy System. This system starts at your cellular level in the physical body but is completely connected to, immersed in and affected by the thinking and feeling (mental/emotional) aspects of your self and ultimately the whole of your-self which includes your spiritual energy field. 

Is it possible to feel broken and disconnected at any of these levels? Yes. 

Is it possible to be out of balance in any of these levels without affecting the whole? No.

You can easily learn to identiy how you are affected by others energy and most importantly how to not let others energy affect you.

I offer free consultations so we can decide if we are a match to work together before appointments are set!

Call  me at 631-766-3586 or [email protected] and lets get started. a new happier and healthier you awaits ;)

Dr. Bruce Lipton talk on Sound Healing

Posted on March 24, 2019 at 10:05 AM

Easy to understand explaination by renowned scientist Dr. Bruce Lipton on Sound Healing and Vibrational Medicine in general.

No wonder, after almost a quarter century as an Energy Healer, I am at a time of immersion in this study

Energy Healing for General Anxiety Disorders & Addiction

Posted on March 13, 2019 at 9:20 AM

Generalized anxiety disorder is a potentially debilitating condition that affects millions of people all across the globe. In fact, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, generalized anxiety disorder currently affects 3.1 percent of the U.S. population. Treatments for generalized anxiety disorder vary but often include medication and psychotherapy. Some people struggling with this condition have also added Reiki to their treatment plan in hopes of improving symptoms further.

Reiki & Quantum Touch are my personal go to methods on the forefront of Anxiety & Addiction Issues. Why? Because they both treat the human as a whole system of intergrated parts. Meaning we have a physical body, a mental body, an emotional body and a spiritual body that are all interconnected and feed into and off of each other. An energetic inbalance in any one of these fields will absulutely affect the whole.

Facts about Generalized Anxiety Disorder

People with generalized anxiety disorder deal with excessive and unrealistic worry about everyday issues, including their family, health or financial situation. This worry is persistent and difficult to control. In many cases, people with this condition feel a sense of impending doom even when there is no reason to believe that something bad will happen. For most people, this disorder appears gradually over time. It is more common in women than in men and tends to peak after childhood. While many people are able to manage their symptoms and lead a relatively normal life, severe anxiety can sometimes make it difficult to carry out everyday responsibilities or function in social situations. 

An individual is diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder after he or she has spent at least six months dealing with symptoms on a regular basis.

Some of the specific symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder may include:

• Trouble sleeping

• Tense muscles

• Irritability

• Tiring easily

• Feeling restless or on edge

• Trouble concentrating

Once an individual has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, their physician may prescribe various medications to control symptoms, including tricyclic antidepressants, benzodiazepines, serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Physicians may also recommend different types of therapy, including interpersonal therapy, exposure therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy.


Energy Healing is a therapeutic technique thousands of years old. The idea behind this technique is that, generally, problems and issues within the human body, including unnatural levels of anxiety, may be related to blockages or disturbances in the individual’s energy pathways. Reiki & Quantum Touch unblock congested/stuck energy and restore normal flow in order to support the body’s ability to heal itself.

Benefits of Reiki or Quantum Healing for People with GAD

Studies have shown that Reiki and QT® offer several potential benefits for people with generalized anxiety disorder. Some of these benefits include:

Lower stress levels

People with generalized anxiety disorder have higher stress levels than the normal population. Both research studies and anecdotal reports indicate that Reiki may assist to alleviate some of this stress.


Having generalized anxiety disorder makes it difficult to relax even when no significant stressor is present. Many people who participate in Reiki sessions report feeling relaxed both during the session and after it is complete, which may be beneficial to someone who struggles with anxiety.

Improved mood

Not every person who has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder will experience depression. However, for many people, these two issues go hand-in-hand. Research indicates that people who participate in Reiki sessions on a regular basis feel less depressed than they did prior to therapy.

Better sleep

People with generalized anxiety disorder may find that they have trouble falling asleep, are unable to stay asleep or don’t feel rested even after sleeping all night. Reiki sessions may alleviate some of these issues and improve the quality of sleep.

 Reiki can be used in conjunction with virtually any other treatment prescribed by a physician, including medication and other types of therapy.

Reiki helps people feel better.

Multiple research studies have been conducted to explore the relationship between Reiki and anxiety disorders. Some of these studies are detailed below.

Reiki reduces anxiety among women

In 2006, researchers published a study that sought to determine whether Reiki could reduce anxiety among women undergoing hysterectomies. The researchers found that women in the treatment group experienced less anxiety than those in the control group. Although this study was conducted only on women undergoing surgery, the results may apply to other individuals as well.

Reiki helps with anxiety and fatigue in cancer patients

Another study conducted in Turkey focused on the ability of Reiki treatment to reduce anxiety, pain and fatigue among cancer patients. The researchers found that all of these variables improved among subjects in the group treated with Reiki. Because both anxiety and fatigue are symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder, it stands to reason that Reiki could potentially be helpful for people with this condition as well.

Reiki reduces depression and anxiety among older adults

During this study, researchers sought to determine whether treating older adults with Reiki would improve depression, anxiety and other issues. The researchers found that individuals in the treatment group experienced less anxiety and depression than those in the control group. Participants in the study also reported feelings of relaxation following Reiki sessions.

These are just a few of the research studies that demonstrate the ability of Reiki to benefit individuals who are struggling with anxiety. More research studies exploring this idea are likely to be conducted in the future.

Research studies indicate that Reiki shows promise as an alternative therapy for people struggling with generalized anxiety disorder. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, you may benefit from participating in Reiki sessions on a regular basis. 

IARP, the Gold Standard of Reiki TM 

Healing with Medical Grade Sound Bowls.. Part 1

Posted on March 5, 2019 at 9:50 AM

 Just as a massage therapist must know human anatomy, physiology and energy flow, a sound practitioner must become familiar with the properties and use of vibration rates (hertz), sound and energy and the different methods of application to avoid undesireable effects.

To understand how medical grade sound bowls actually work on the body and mind, imagine a human body from within. It is made up of different systems, each consisting of a group of organs (heart/lungs/skin) with each organ composed of tissues. These tissues are made up of cell groups, which are made up of molecules that consist of atoms.

Each atom, cell, tissue and organ in the body has a natural vibrational frequency. When this frequency is not in balance, the system does not work properly, which produces sickness or discomfort on a mental, physical, energetic and/or spiritual level. If we rebalance this frequency, we are able to restore health at any of these levels. The vibrations produced by sound bowls can alter the vibrational frequencies of the body, reinstating health and well being.

Different sound bowls and methods to use them target specific levels of the human organism. Some bowls are made for physical effects while others focus on energy centers, mental or emotional states.

Playing the bowls without any specific intention or insight is like performing a massage without any knowledge of human anatomy, physiology or pathology. While a Tibetan Sound Bowl Massage without a foundation can be very relaxing, its effects are superficial.

Sound Waves move almost 5 times faster through water than air, and since the body is between 70 and 80% water, it is an excellent transporter of sound and vibrations. Sound vibrations affect each system, organ, tissue, cell and atom of the body, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, increasing relaxation of the fascia, muscles and tendons and improving the functioning of each organ and the body in general. At this level, the sound vibrations produce similar effects as a hands on massage but penetrate much deeper into the skin, muscles, bones and organs, moving through the body with no difficulty.

Sound vibration opens the energy channels (meridian system) fostering the free flow of energy throughout the body. As a trained Medical Massage Therapist, I use specific bowls on the meridian system in general and specific acupuncture points, depending on what pathology the client has presented with.

I recently added a gong to my sound sessions where the client lays on the floor cushion. Brain entrainment is a common result of Sound Bowl Therapy and the stronger vibrations of a hand hammered deeper pitched gong seem to penetrate and balance the hemispheres of the brain quickly.

Part 2: What are these Brain Waves: Gamma vs Beta vs Alpha vs Theta vs Delta?

New Name & Updated Logos for 2019

Posted on February 22, 2019 at 8:00 AM

Very pleased to debut my new name & logos for this page. My focus going forward is less Medical Massage and more Energy Healing, Vibrational Sound Therapy and Telepathic Animal Communication.

I will be once again holding regular Tibetan Tones® GROUP Sound Bowl sessions with my 18 Therapeutic Grade bowls & symphonic gong every other Wednesday starting March 6th in our beautiful loft at Eastern Sun Holistic Health Center in Southold as well as offering Sound Bowl Massage on the table, Energy Healing and Medical Massage Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays.

This year I celebrate 24 years in the field of Energy Healing as a practitioner and teacher. My studies and Certifications include Usui Reiki Master Teacher®, Quantum Touch®, Earth & Universal Life Force Energy practitioner. The work I do is based on Quantum Science and is not affiliated with any religion.

This year I will be adding videos to my blog and social media sites about Telepathic Animal Communication. As this field is increasingly finding support and acceptance as a skill that can easily be developed with practice I will be making instructional videos this year and try to find time to teach more classes in more locations.

Cell is still 631-766-3586 and Email is [email protected]

New Blog Format starts Feb 2019

Posted on February 12, 2019 at 4:15 PM

Yay PattyPayne.Com is up and running!

Still working out a few kinks with the blog publishing tech team.

From now on my Blogs will be regular (so please follow) and include Holistic Health Education tips and educational videos.

Please check back regularly :)

IHA Guest Speaker Event Oct 23rd

Posted on October 7, 2018 at 9:40 AM

Islip Horsemans Association will be featuring me as a guest speaker for their October 23rd open meeting being held at the Bohemia Rec Center in Bohemia.

A fun evening of Education awaits! I will start with basic information about what Animal Communication is and how you already do it. Then I will teach how to do grounding and running Energy up through your body and out your hands so you may start using this form of hands on healing immediately for your self and your animals, then open the floor for your questions on any issues related to how better to communicate with your animals in relation to training or life in general.

Contact me directly with any questions or for clarification.

It's OK to admit you already communicate Telepathically.

Posted on September 17, 2018 at 7:55 AM

It is my experience that there are two reasons people do not admit that they communicate Telepathically.

First; single people have a reluctance to admit they have an ability that may set them apart from others around them. People like to fit in and not "seem weird". Couples like to keep their non verbal communication skills private so they can use them freely in public.

Second; People do not understand that they ARE communicating with their Animals or Friends.

When I speak publicly about Animal Communication now, I add in examples of how Humans regularly communicate with each other Telepathically. Couples and close friends readily admit, and sometimes brag about, their secret, non verbal communication between them. It quantifies how close or in-sync they are. Yet the concept that this applies to interspecies relationships as well is met with blank stares. Wait, ADMIT I understand what my dog is saying?

What will that mean for me after I do that? The answer is Everything! The answer is NOTHING!! 

Wait, what?

It may mean everything because when you acknowledge that you have a skill developed to the point that it CAN BE acknowledged as a skill then you have owned it.

It can also mean nothing because the more we use skills inherent to us, the less "special" they become. They loose that shiney new aspect and just become a part of who we are everyday.

So admit it and get on with life.

Animal Communication & Training in NYC

Posted on September 16, 2018 at 2:40 PM

It is Fall again so that means I am in and out of New York City during the day for Animal Communication & Training sessions.

Session Content: Full Animal Communication session including 1 to 2 people and up to 4 pets. 

                            Training in how to give your Pet a full body Energy Healing

**Session may be split between 2 people at same location**

Session Time: 2.5  hours

Session Fee: $350.00

**Also available to educate and train large groups, such as Corporate functions**