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A story of a cat with Dementia

Posted on January 18, 2022 at 11:05 AM


I am often called into the home because an owner has a cat that is now "Yeowling loudly" for no identifiable reason. There is such a stark difference in tonal quality between a meow and a yowl, that the sound can be quite scary for a person.


There are so many factors that contribute to an animals cognitive disfunction and decline, as with humans, it can be very confusing to know how to help. This is where having a session with me can provide immense clarity as to where in the process your animal is, what they find helpful, what doesn't matter, and how they would like to proceed in their care and living time left.


A cat named Luna shared the most interesting information on where she is in her process and I thought WOW everyone should know this!

Lunas confusion was explained to her people, in a prior session so they had a good understanding of what was happening to her daily life experience but now they noticed a change in two behaviors and called me in to ask Luna what had changed.


The most significant change for her was that previously when she would become very confused, she still new that if she kept crying out that one of her humans would eventually appear and pick her up and make her feel safe again.

Now she said she no longer has that "thread of connection" between the two actions and without that thin thread of connection between trauma event & safe outcome she doesn't want to be here any longer and asked to get the "needle of freedom from the doctor".


It is a quality of life issue that many humans cannot relate to but is of utmost importance to animals nonetheless.


Just wanted to share as I feel these are important matters that arise in interspecies relationships.


If you have questions about a behavior that is confusing feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Smashed my ribs Animal Communication Sale

Posted on October 23, 2021 at 10:40 AM

Good Morning Friends,

The Animal Communicator didn't feel like listening to the horse she was riding and now has a few injuries keeping me from doing Medical Massage work.

What to do?? HAVE A SALE :D

So if you would like to have a session in the next few weeks I have time!

The sessions will run for 60 minutes and the fee is 100.00. 

In person in my area, or via zoom/skype/phone if elsewhere in the world. Audio/video recoring is suggested for future reference.

Contact me via [email protected] or call me at 631-766-3586 to see if I may be of assistance to you and your beloved pets.

Animals can be sensitive to Energy just like people.

Posted on July 25, 2021 at 4:35 PM

I recently did an Animal Communication for a client who wanted to know why her dog hated being touched on the body and was there anything that could be done to change the situation.


Jones, a large chihuahua mix and 1 of 3 dogs in the home, hates being touched.


This causes difficulty, especially at walk time. Jones cannot be leashed or harnessed like his dogmates and therefore has to stay home when the others go for walks. He shows great distress at this being left behind so his owner called to see if a conversation could help.


During the session Jones was quite eager to explain what was happening and that it was not anything personal toward his owners, who he loves very much. But his physical body is super sensitive to Energy, and there were 2 squeezing insidents in his youth which left an imprint in regard to what can happen when a person (and a child) holds you and how things can go bad.


In regard to the issue of the other dogs leaving and having anxiety, once I explained that he had options and discussed the various options with him and his mom (collar/leash vs harness/leash he explained he just couldn't do those things and wanted to know one thing....

Would they always return? When his human confirmed that YES absulutely they would always return, he was really pleased. He also suggested a few Energy Healing techniques that could help desensitize his overall issue.


Follow up: That very evening when the humans leashed up the other dogs to go for a walk, Jones just went quietly over to his bed and settled in for a nap, much to the amazement of his humans.


Sometimes all animals need is a conversation with a translator.




On moving stuck energy in healing.

Posted on March 17, 2021 at 9:55 AM

Energy Healing, in many forms, is capable of moving stuck Energy.

Hands on Healing and use of medical grade Sound Bowls & my Gongs are my favorite methods. Why move stuck (or congested) Energy? Heres an example I encounter regularly:

Client comes to me for a medical massage with upper back pain extending into the base of the neck, of unknown origin. (That means they haven't done anything that should be attributing to the pain.)

On the massage table, I do not find any particular physical problems such as muscle tension, inflammation or active trigger points that could be causing pain. This tips me off that the problem may be emotional in nature.

My first question will be something of the nature of: Have you experienced anything lately that may be stressing your emotions, particularly involving the heart? Perhaps something you are not speaking of to anyone yet? ( addressing Heart/Throat chakra sphere of influence).

That simple question more often than not, starts a flood of tears. Why? Because the energy of the vibration of the tone of voice I deliberately use in asking combined with the Energy coming from my hands moves the congestion of emotional/mental energy that has accumulated in that space in the physical body and that resulting movement causes tears to flow which is the best response ever because our bodies, as a complete working system, will then respond with the movement of energy everywhere through the body.

After session, when the client is up and moving a bit, I usually hear this; Wow I feel lighter all over and I don't have the pain I came here with, followed by: I FEEL like i see this in a whole new way.

Technically they do see whatever IT is in a whole new way because the perspective on IT changed with the movement of the energy that held it in the state and place it was.

Sound Baths can do all of this without the spoken words part, it just takes a few sessions.

Stop telling sad pet stories

Posted on February 28, 2021 at 12:10 AM

If you own an animal, who has a past that is less than desirable, stop telling everyone who meets them about it.

From an Animals perspective it is manipulative and a mean thing to do and pointing out prior poor treatment so you can add on the "with ME there will never be any more worries" is low behavior.

Would you like to be introduced to all new people with a story like this: This is my new gal, she used to live with a person who beat her everyday but now that shes with me she doesn't have to think about that EVER AGAIN.

Until you introduce her to the next new person...

More often now in Animal Communication sessions, when asked by a new owner about past abuse, an animal will say, that is part of another time in my life and I am not interested in sharing the details unless I have a behavior you do not understand and then you may ask; can you explain to me why you behave in that way.

In that regard you will get an overview of a past circumstance that created the behavior but specifics of horror experiences mostly aren't shared with a new owner because it will change how you few your pet energetically.


Now it's February 2021....

Posted on February 22, 2021 at 2:35 PM

Ok, it is actually more than a year since that last post and I truely will be blogging more. I even hope to master adding videos I have made.

So much has changed in the world of Animal Communication in the last 2 years.

It is now quite common for people to reach out and have sessions just prior to and after the death of a pet. Searching for clarity about end of life decisions that were made. 100% of the time animals have connected with their humans and explained fully and in fine detail what the experience was for them and WHY things played out as they did.

Let me share an example. Eileen has recently lost her pup Fitz and the suddeness of it all left her with many questions and much grief. Particularly the last night that Fitz was still in physical form she had intended to stay up with him and found she just couldn't stay awake and therefore missed out on his last hours before being put down. Her husband spent that time she slept with Fitz.

Fitz perspective:

First off he was quite a bit further along in his dying or ending of life experience than his humans were aware of. He had early in life health issues because of mistreatment and so never had a high level of fitness and stamina, which they understood. The night in question played out the way it did for the following reasons.

First: Fitz starts with; Everything played out exactly as it was suppose to be for the ultimate benefit to all. Meaning he was ending his time here no matter what kind of intervention may have been sought. Laughingly he said; Do you have any idea what it took to knock her out? She was so determined not to miss a moment with me, we (Fitz ,his angel squad and her angel squad) had to knock her out cold to get her out of the way. If she had not been knocked out she would have witnessed a part of my dying process that would have been so traumatic for her that she would have rushed me to the Pet ER and had them perform very extreme and ultimately fruitless medical proceedures on me. People like to "try everything" and that is often not in the best interest of the animal.

Second: Eileens husband, who admitidly wasn't that much of a dog person, would have gone to sleep if Eileen had not and missed out on his own sacred moments with me, that while very short in clock time, were quite profound for him going forward in how he would relate to future animals in the home.

Just hearing Fitz explain the " WHY things happened THAT way" allowed Eileen to disconnect from the idea that she should have, would have, could have done more and she stated that she could literally feel her heart mending now that she had hear from Fitz himself.

Note: How I work with phone sessions. I ask the owner to email 2-3 photos of the animal to be read which I print out and interact with the energy imprint of the photo to invite the animal into my space where the animal and I now merge and expand energy that will encompass the client also. The combined elevated vibrational frequency of that space is where I then invite the client into, which automatically elevates their vibration so they may more easily assimilate the information that they hear. Then, as I am a reader/translater of energy into language I ask the client why they have called me today and as they start to talk it allows the animal to enter the conversation by way of answering questions posed or bringing clarity to questions such as "What was the meaning of a behavior I observed?

I do not edit what animals say and they can be quite blunt in their observations of human behavior. 

I still do quick pre appointment phone calls with clients who are in the same country as I am (otherwise a few emails for those out of country) just to explain how I work and to give them time to think about topics and questions they want to make sure are covered.

I WILL blog more consistantly in 2020

Posted on February 4, 2020 at 10:25 AM

Hey Everybody

I promise I will blog on a regular basis this year! 

I am learning about doing videos to use with social media, so please bear with me as I am an admitted technophobe and this is quite the learning curve for me.

If you have any topics you would like to see addressed in an educational format please let me know at [email protected]

This could be anything from Animal Communication training tips to how to do a proper Bladder Meridian Massage for overall health. Im open to all ideas. I have been licensed & certified for 30 years in the field of Holistic Health for people and animals so there are a ton of topics to choose from.


Holiday Ad. Gift Certificates are available :)

Posted on November 20, 2019 at 7:55 AM

When the communicators dog says "It is time for the needle".

Posted on October 15, 2019 at 11:50 AM

I am constantly asked, What do dogs REALLY know?

To me, at this point in my career as a Animal Communicator, it can easily enrage me to think that people can live with a pet and still ask this question but I have, always, to remember that sometimes we just dont fully understand what is obvious UNTIL we understand what is OBVIOUS.

This includes me and here is the short version of the story.

Monday afternoon Ella said: Take our picture, I will not be here much longer. I said OMG Ella you are SUCH a drama queen and took this picture. 

That evening while laying on the couch with Ella I clearly heard my guidance say: Look at Ella, that is not a running dream, she is having a mild seizure. I watched for a while and thought maybe it is and maybe it isn't I'll ask her later for specifics. I never did. 

She was a bit off in her balance at the last of the nights pee's but I said oh shes just really tired, after all she is almost 12.

Tuesday her balance was off but not all the time. We had a quiet day together and by days end I really noticed that she hadn't run at all and didnt want to play for more than a few minutes at a time but rather just lay next to me and hang out. Not even talking so much, just being together.

That night when we went to bed I said Ella you can sleep in your bed tonight and I clearly heard (and registered): Ella is not farting, let her sleep with you tonight on the bed. I remember waking in the middle of the night to being kicked and instead of really waking up to talk to her I just moved over slightly and dropped back off.

In the morning, I was off still, so we lingered in bed a bit just chatting as one does when they are an animal communicator,  when Ella said I am going to need the needle today. I am having small seizures and I DO NOT want to do seizures so can we spend the day together and do the needle at the end of the day? 

Fully awake and alert now I said: Get off the bed and let me see you walk! She said I CAN NOT jump down I am NOT being funny with you!

When I put her down I immediately realized I was being blinded by my love FOR her to clearly process what HER REALITY was.

She had KNOWN all week, was clearly telling me in a hundred different offhand coments but even I, the PROFESSIONAL inter-species communicator (and a really good one btw) was clearly unable to HEAR what my own dog was saying before I HAD to hear before we had a medical emergency.

Ella had an amazing adventure for this life and a say in her "death". That really is the most we can hope for when we have an interspecies relationship. 

Footnote: Ellas Soul left her body after the first shot and before the heart stopping shot. YES most animals do!!!

               :Energy Dog Ella continues on with me and many of those she loved and interacted with continue to feel her presence and catch glimpses of her, happy as ever now without the restrictions that come with a body. 

TIME is why people turn to Psychi/Intuitive Mediums for Counseling

Posted on September 26, 2019 at 11:00 AM

In todays rush around world, people want to get to the point quickly, so change can be made quickly and time and money is not wasted. 

Enter the Psychic, or Intuitive Medium. My job is to use ALL of my senses (that I continually work to further develop) so that I can listen to you describe a situation and do what I call an Energy Diagnostic to see what is a match to you vibrationally.

Whether it is a relationship (personal/job/location) you are in or would like to enter into, I can tune into or read the entire scenerio and tell you if you will have a positive experience (vibrational match) or negative experience (not experiencing what you hope to achieve).

It is nice to know if something is a negative match because why waste time/energy/money on something that will never bring you the results you want.

As a medium I can tell you the motivations and intentions of the other players involved in your scenerios so you can know how to align yourself with others, or not ;)

I do not have a University degree for what I do as one does not yet exist. 30 years as a professionally certified Energy Therapist and almost 10 working as a professional certified as a  Psychic Medium specializing in Animal Communication provides me and therefore you with a very high level of real life experience in the field of Holistic Counseling. 

AND Telepathics can see & feel lies from a mile away #Developyoursenses :)